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Abou Us

Derick Design was created to offer you a new way of shopping for the finest jewelry that complement your lifestyle. From elegant engagement rings to fashion forward and timeless jewelry, Derick Design provides you jewelry for every occasion at a reasonable cost.

At Derick Design, our commitment is aimed at the challenges of the fine jewelry industry, namely cost and quality. Everyone deserves to own a piece of handsome, premium gemstone without teetering at the yawning edges of the debt hole in the attempt. For a very long time, diamond has dominated the gemstone market and this monopoly has carried on for years with no major disruptions in place.

For a gemstone with all these attributes, one would think diamonds would be quite scarce to find but that’s not the case. The confusing question is, why spend a ton of money getting something you can find quite easily in jewelry shops all over the place but yet so expensive?

This is one of the reasons why Derick Design came to be because we believe fine jewelry should not be that expensive. Everyone deserves to wear gemstones and not be restrained by a price tag or society’s opinion.


Unlike other jewelry brands, which invest a lot of money in endorsement and marketing, we invest as much as possible in products and services. We always believe that customer experience and public praise is our best "marketing".Derick Design doesn't have to give a lot of money to big influencers or advertising companies. It is understood that the fee of a Youtube video of a big influencer is more than $10,000. And if these money is spent on products and services, then products and services can improve a lot. So Derick Design wants to invest more money in products and services. And we firmly believe that this is the right road.

We have excellent designers and handicraftsmen, who are spare no efforts to show the beauty in the details of our jewelry. Every exquisite design, along with a rigorous quality control process, is aimed at providing 100% satisfied products to all customers at any time and ensuring a pleasant purchasing experience.

Our advanced design studio headquartered creates a range of contemporary and bespoke styles for our customers all over the world. We deliver excellent quality at an affordable price by designing and creating all of our jewelry in-house, cutting out the middleman and slashing markups. From the hearts of our designers to the hands of our craftsmen, the end results is sharing our passion of unique and sustainable jewelry with our customers.

Every beautiful piece is designed and handcrafted in-house then shipped directly to you. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and utilize environmentally conscious materials so that you can feel confident in your purchase. We have thousands of breathtaking designs that run the gamut from timeless and traditional to modern and bold. We are confident that you will find many designs to fall in love with.